So, here is the situation. I have a friend who is relocating to the Hudson Valley with work and they are looking for an apartment/place to live. So far, he has been doing the Craigslist thing, asking people if they know of a place that is for rent, and checking the bulletin boards at the grocery store. As of yet, none of these leads have worked out.

So, I asked the most informed 'in-the-know' people that I know. You, the WRRV listener. Here are a few places that we suggested via texting to 845-451-WRRV, 845-451-9778. Have you used any of the following to get a place? Or do you have a suggestion as to how my friend can get a great place to live?

  • Using a real estate company. Most people think that agents only deal in sales, but some have rental listings. Ask around for an agent that someone has used and can 'recommend'.
  • Ask people. Some 'landlords' do not post their rental ads to better control who they rent too. Does this make it 'right'? That discussion is for another day.
  • Check several times a day. Listeners said that they have seen a place go up, liked it, then gone back as little as two hours later to contact the person on the listing, and the place has been rented. Act quick.
  • The local library. Again, this is one of those situations where people will post a flyer with an apartment on a public bulletin board. Three listeners said that this is how they found their places.

What has worked for you? Yes, this guy has two cats (landlords just stopped listening) they are well behaved (the cats and the guy), he is employed and does bathe regularly. If I can sit in a room with him for a few hours and he doesn't bother me, you can feel confident in renting an apartment to him.

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