Governor Cuomo has announced that over 170 schools face being taken over if their academic performance doesn't improve. Which Hudson Valley schools are affected?

The budget recently passed in our state allows for outside "receivers" to come in and correct the problems facing schools in New York if their performance continues to be unsatisfactory.

The receivership program is one of several education reforms that Cuomo, a Democrat, insisted upon as he negotiated the state’s spending plan, which the legislature approved last week despite opposition from the teachers union and some school groups.

When a school is placed into a receivership, it would be forced to shift into a community school, which means it would have to expand its health and mental health services for its students and their families.


So what schools are failing according to the state's report? Currently Temple Hill School in the Newburgh City School District and Poughkeepsie High School and Poughkeepsie Middle School in the Poughkeepsie City School District.