I understand what one does while in the bathroom is their business, but surely there is a time and place for everything.

Okay, so nature was calling yesterday following an ample amount of coffee, and upon walking into the men's room I made a discovery.

Since it was the men's room, naturally the seat was left up, which obviously isn't really a concern of mine. However, what I saw on the rim of the toilet had me a little concerned.

Scattered on the rim was what appeared to be cut hairs. These hairs definitely are not your typical men's bathroom short and curly's.

So, now I have to go through all the scenarios in my crazy head: Who would do this? What kind of "hairs" are they? Why are they doing this at work?, Where am I?, you get the point.

Also, you would think that you would hear somebody using an electric trimmer in a bathroom right? Maybe the mascaper is going old school, and busting out the scissor cut.

I guess we're left with the question: When does manscaping go to far?

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