Will we let it happen or will we just tolerate and say "welcome to New York" like we always do?

According to the New York Post, lawmakers may soon charge motorists over $11 for cars and $25 for trucks to drive into Manhattan. They may even charge over $100 for large semitrucks hauling goods.

So, what is it and why is New York City considering this? It's called congestion pricing and it's basically to do exactly what it sounds like it will do, deter people from driving in the already busy streets of Manhattan. According to The Post, it isn't a fairly new concept. Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg suggested it about a decade ago.

Though this would be America's first congestion-priced road, the concept has been introduced in other major cities across the globe.

The hope for this project would be to build revenue in order to revamp NYC's subway system.

Would you pay almost $15 to get into the city?

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