Who triggered the bat signal? One Hudson Valley resident found quite the surprise hanging out in a coffee mug in their kitchen.

Does anyone want to come over for a cup of coffee? If you don't want to I'll understand.

Some of the most common creatures you'll find in the Hudson Valley are skunks, opossums, raccoons, black bears, coyotes and bats. The Hudson Valley is home to a lot of different critters. Some are cuter than others. Imagine waking up in the morning and going to grab a cup of coffee only to find a bat sleeping in your coffee mug.

That's exactly what happened to a woman in Peekskill according to Facebook post. Not wanting to throw the bat into the cold weather, she reached out to see if any organizations could help.

Though some people might be afraid of bats they serve several purposes and you should not harm them. They eat insects and other pests and they're extremely important when it comes to researching new viruses as their bodies can be the host for several.

"I am from South Africa, so wildlife doesn't creep me out at all. My husband was, though", said Anneke VanderMerwe Leffel after finding the bat in her home.

Not knowing what to do with her winged friend, Anneke reached out to Animal Nation in Rye.

Have you ever had a critter hiding inside of your home? Did you need to call to have them rescued?

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