I may be the only one that thinks it's a little strange for a grown man to lay in a bubble bath, right?

Recently, a friend was discussing his bathing habits and if that wasn't odd enough it was even more strange that he admitted to taking long bubble baths. I don't know why but I always thought it was strange for grown ups to take baths.

It just never seemed relaxing to me. It seems like a lot of waiting around. Who has that kind of time? I know I don't. Also, it just never seemed like you could very clean from them. I know some people who takes baths and then showers. Um, what's even the point behind that madness? I mean, Flint doesn't even have clean water and your taking a bath and a shower? It must nice.

Do you take baths? Honestly, I don't care but I will say that I'll never be a fan of them myself.

Note: Senior Citizens get a pass.