I was scrolling through my local news, as I often do as a well-informed citizen of the community, when I had to do a double take. Because I was taken by surprise when I saw that the mayor of Mount Vernon somehow ended up in a meeting with Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Turns out, the meeting wasn't that surprising. Even though Diddy lives in Los Angeles now, he was born in New York and raised in Mount Vernon. He's kept himself involved in his hometown, and Mayor Richard Thomas reached out to him about restoring Memorial Field.

Memorial Field's restoration has been a divisive issue among Mount Vernon politicians, but Thomas wants to bring it back to its former glory and make it "a premier east coast destination for Olympic athletes and local champions to train, compete and connect with the community." He says Diddy and his children have fond memories of Memorial Field and want to see it come back to life.

Do you want to see Memorial Field brought back, or should something else take its place? And is Diddy the guy to help restore it?