With the cost of toilet paper and the upcoming generations increasing concerns for the environment, re-usable cloth rags are becoming more and more and more common among large families. I just feel sorry for family member who has "do the laundry" on their chore list.

It seems incredibly gross to me but maybe there's something to reusing cloth to wipe your backside instead of going through massive amounts of toilet paper.

According to an article on Buzzfeed, toilet paper is a thing of the past for some families. Yes, it's trendy but using cloth vs paper has a variety of benefits.

Close-up of finished toilet paper roll in bathroom

It's obviously good for the trees and the environment, it will reduce the chanced of having any septic issues and it's good for you behind as well. Does anyone actually do this? Are the benefits really worth how gross it can be? Where the heck do you out them? I suppose it's not much different than cloth diapers but who uses a cloth diaper anymore?

I just hope if you clean your backside with a cloth you aren't going to a local laundromat in the Hudson Valley.

While we're going back in time, we may as well start using straw too.