It has to be difficult to raise a child. I certainly can't cast a whole lot of judgement but there are types of young parents who are the absolute worst.

We've all heard of helicopter parents before. They're the ones that hover over their kids and try to direct their every move. They're also the parents who force their kids tp play every sport and participate in every single extra curricular activity.Are they a little annoying? Yes, they are but they're harmless.

There's a new parenting type in town and it's absolutely despicable.

They're called 'lawnmower parents.' They've been dubbed this because that's exactly what they do. These parents mow down any adversity their kid may face. Their kid is never wrong and can never be disciplined.

It's a dangerous form of parenting and it leads to developing a terrible adult.

Do you know any parents like this? We cannot accommodate them.

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