No one goes in to a relationship expecting it to fail but if it hits the fan you should be protected legally, right?

Having  a prenuptial agreement before getting married is pretty common. In fact, prenuptial agreements have risen by almost 63% in the past several year. Maybe we're getting more and more selfish. Who knows? Either way we should be protective of our belongings and investments in newly budding relationships just as much as a marriage.

According to the New York Post, couples in New York are establishing their goals and expectations at the beginning of the relationship.

Would you ever participate in a dating pre-nup? If you bought a house with a partner are you entitled to each and every piece of furniture you brought in? If you buy someone expensive jewelry and they cheat on you should you be entitled to get it back so you can pawn it?

I think it is brilliant.

Should couples sign not disclosure forms as well in case of a break up? Should they be liable for airing out your dirty laundry?

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