Smoke from a wildfire in Canada is creating widespread haze and poor air quality in New York State.

The National Weather Service confirms wildfires coming from Canada are leading to poor air quality and more in New York State.

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Makes Its Way To New York State

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"A plume of Canadian wildfire smoke is forecast to drift over the area and could lead to decreased air quality," the National Weather Service New York City warned on Tuesday.

"Widespread haze" is forecast for the Hudson Valley and most of New York State on Wednesday.

"Smoke from Nova Scotia wildfires is (moving) westward," the National Weather Service Albany stated. "This smoke is being smelled at ground level. Be alert if you are planning to be outside later today/tonight. Smoke can hurt your eyes, irritate your lungs and worsen respiratory illnesses."

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Hazy Sunshine, Poor Air-Quality Expected In Hudson Valley, Parts Of New York State

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Smoke from the Nova Scotia wildfires may reach the surface in New York State on Wednesday leading to hazy sunshine, officials add.

"Patchy low-level smoke from wildfires in Nova Scotia will continue to linger around the area. Clouds will give way to hazy sunshine with another day of smoke aloft from the Nova Scotia wildfires," the National Weather adds.

Anyone with respiratory ailments should limit outdoor activities on Wednesday, officials say.

Chance Of Amazing Sunset

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One positive of the hazy conditions could happen Wednesday evening. Officials say the hazy skies could lead to an incredible sunset in New York State.

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Around 13 wildfires started burning in Nova Scotia on Monday. Nearly 20,000 have been forced to evacuate as many of the wildfires are still out of control.

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