Woolly mammoth for dinner? Don't mind if I yabba dabba doooo!

What does a woolly mammoth taste like? That used to be a question that only early man could answer for us. However, there's a chance we could all find out soon. A food company called Vow figured out the DNA sequence to create lab-made meatballs from mammoths.

Will we soon be able to get them on a slice in New York City?

It sounds like something right out of a Jurassic Park movie. Maybe because this idea is almost identical to the plot of those movies but instead of people going to see the giant animals in confinement we're going to be eating them.

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What's next? Will we see sabretooth tiger skirt steaks, velociraptor chops or even carrier pigeon wings?

Why the woolly mammoth?

According to Vow's website, they chose the extinct animal for a reason. They were gifted the DNA so they were able to produce the meat. They also hope that bringing back the meat will spark a conversation about both meat and climate change. These large creatures became extinct thousands of years ago.

The cultured meat is getting international attention but USA Today reports that it is not yet ready for consumption and no one has even tried the meat.

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