Will the "new normal" include America's favorite past time? You know, individually eating an amount of food that could feed an entire village.

Although some restaurants have closed down temporarily others have chosen to stay open and operate at some capacity while offering takeout or curbside pickup. Many local restaurants have adapted to a new way of doing business without letting customers in their establishment. However, buffet style restaurants may have been hit the hardest as they are not able to adapt as easily as made to order restaurants.

Come on, you've probably driven past your local buffet and wondered what they're plans are.

When businesses do start to reopen will this include buffets? Will the Hudson Valley or  America allow us to go to a crowded buffet and eat food that is kept within breathing distance of every customer?

It may be too soon to bury the buffet but according to Restaurant Business, things are looking pretty bleak. Buffets have been declining for some time and there's a good chance restaurants and grocery stores will most likely cease selling food that requires self service.

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