Will the Hudson Valley be facing a shortage on Christmas trees this Holiday season? If you wait until the last minute it may cost you.

The lights are hung up, the poinsettia is out and the garland is out. There's just one important thing that's missing. If you are one of those traditionalists who absolutely have to have a real Christmas tree every year, then you may need to hurry up and grab it.


The Germans are credited for decorating the first Christmas tree in the 16th century. Though it doesn't have a direct correlation to the birth of Christ it just happened to stick around. I guess it would be weird if Santa left them on the stairs, right?

If you need a tree this year, don't wait. If you do, you may be paying way more for it. ABC News reports that there is a tree shortage this year caused by limited amount of trees planted due to the recession in 2008.  The average decorative tree is about 10 years old.

The shortage has affected the entire country but there is no way of knowing if we will experience the shortage here in the Hudson Valley. If you want one then get out there and to cutting. Just don't take out a small loan.