You've probably seen footage of the horrific events that took place over the weekend. Do scary and tragic events like these make you want to avoid concerts and public events?

Last night during an outdoor concert near Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, a gunman opened fire into a packed crowd from a nearby hotel. NBC reports  that about 200 people have been injured and more than fifty people have been killed making this the worst mass shooting in history.

Mass Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas
Getty Images

It seems like every year we hear about a tragic mass shooting or attack on innocent concert goers. What makes this attack even more terrifying is that even with concert security being heightened in 2017, the attacker still found a way to hurt hundreds of people.

Do mass shootings or terror attacks deter your from attending concerts? Do we live in a world where we cannot go see an artist we like without the threat of being hurt in the back of our mind?

"It doesn’t necessarily deter me from going to a show but it deters me from taking my 2 and 4 year old with me to events.  It’s sad and scary."


Concerts should be an experience that bring us together. It should be an escape from fear, hate and violence.