Have you ever wanted to be able to go to the doctors when you are sick and not have to get out of bed? More and more medical practices are offering what is called "Virtual Visits." With this technology, and for a cost, you can make an appointment with a doctor who can see you via Skype type technology.

Here are two providers in the Hudson Valley that are already doing it:

To be able to use this type of service, you will need to have already been an established patient at the medical provider and have signed up for the service. There are also software minimums to make sure you have the proper technology interface to be able to see the doctor. The type of issue that doctors see most on these types of calls? Patients who are suffering flu like symptoms. The benefit of being able to 'see' the doctor without leaving home? You are not contaminating others with your symptoms nor are they contaminating you.

Another benefit? Since New York has gone to electronic prescriptions, depending on the pharmacy that you use, there are a few pharmacies that will deliver your prescriptions to you as well. Think of the possibilities, if you are truly sick then you really will only have to sit up to see the doctor, but you will have to be able to walk to the front door to get the prescription.

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