You know you want to try and see if you would have made it through the second round of Squid Game.

It's October and it is the spooky season but many people took a break from the classic horror movies and have streaming one of the most bizarre, violent and twisted shows ever put on by Netflix.

Have you watched Squid Game yet? If you haven't then you might be the only person with a Netflix account who hasn't.

Just how many people watched the series? According to Adweek, over 100 million households all over the world watched a part of the popular series. The show is estimated to make Netflix almost $1 Billion dollars.

One local candy shop is taking advantage of that trend. The Kingston Candy Bar is always coming out with new candies, cakes and doughnuts based on pop culture.

They received viral attention a few years back for their custom Tide Pod inspired doughnut.

Now they are back with the candy featured in Squid Game called a Dalgona. It's not a cookie. It's a Korean honeycomb candy. In the show, participants had to etch out the picture in the candy. If they failed they faced fatal consequences.

According to the owner of The Kingston Candy Bar is selling these candies for $5. You get the candy and the wooden needle. If you can document successfully etching out the shape you will get a free treat from them.

If you want to see how you would do in Squid Game you can at least try one of the games at The Kingston Candy Bar on 319 Wall Street or at (845) 901-3927.

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