"I identify Witch" is not something I thought I would ever write down, until today it didn't really seem necessary. But after reading a post that was shared on a local business's Facebook page today (October 14th, 2022) I felt in order to share the story I should also step out from behind my broom.

The Ritualist in New Paltz shared the news today on its Facebook page that the event they had planned for yesterday at the Newburgh Library had been canceled. They did not mention the venue but if you follow them on social media, you knew that was the event mentioned in the post.

It also just happens that the Newburgh Library posted that the event had been canceled.

Ritualist Has Event Canceled in Newburgh New York

According to the library, the event was canceled "due to circumstances beyond [the library's] control."

The event was scheduled to be a chat about 21st Century Witchcraft, it was free to the public and would have sent attendees home with let's call it a goodie bag of things to use and read at home.

Apparently, this did not sit well with some.

Ritualist Skully via Facebook
Ritualist Skully via Facebook

According to what the Ritualist shared on Facebook it seems some people in the community were uncomfortable with the subject of Witches and Witchcraft.

From what I understand, some folks in the district decided that they didn’t like the subject matter. What’s ironic is that the subject matter was about as inoffensive as it gets, and I was planning to begin by expressing the importance of accepting a diverse mix of identities & belief systems. ⁣⁣⁣(Ritualist via Facebook)


Much like other practicing witches, it always amazes me how people react to the term Witch or Witchcraft when you don't water it down with some new age term that leaves the "W" word out of it.

People use words like metaphysical, herbal, and even magical to describe what is plain and simple "witchy."

Ritualist Shop via Facebook
Ritualist Shop via Facebook

Many people are practicing witches. Chances are you know some and don't even realize it. Or maybe you do know them and you ask them for advice, guidance, and a kind ear. Witches can be very empathic and great listeners. Not all of us have covens and cats. Some of us are just simple, soul-practicing nature lovers.

That's what is great about being a witch, you can't be categorized because everything has energy, and being able to appreciate that energy is what it means to be a practicing modern-day witch. It is unfortunate that this opportunity to share with others was canceled. One thing is for sure, people won't learn how common witchcraft is if they keep canceling events that are a place where people can ask questions.

So that is why I decided to write it down. I may even get the t-shirt "I identify Witch".

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