You sent us your hiking pics, now we're showing them off.

For the month of June, WRRV wants to see how you Hike the Hudson. By sending us your hiking pics, you could win a $400 gift card to the outdoor outfitter of your choice. It's seriously that simple. Get all the info you need here.

Below, are all the hiking pics you sent in. Feel free to comment and tell us which ones you love! And don't forget to send in your hiking pics through the WRRV app for your chance to win $400 to your favorite outdoor outfitter.

WRRV Hikers: See How You Hike the Hudson

If you sent in your best Hudson Valley hiking pictures to win a $400 gift card to the outdoor outfitter of your choice, you can see the pics right here.

The 25 Absolute Best Hikes in the Hudson Valley

We've compiled a list of the 25 best hikes in the Hudson Valley. All of the hikes are of varying difficulties and lengths, so no matter your skill level or amount of time you have available there is a hike for you here.