WRRV wants to send you and a friend to see Green Day in Brooklyn on March 15th at the Barclays Center with hotel accommodations after the show. Here's all the info you need to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

Be listening each weekday through March 2nd for the Green Day song of the day. When you hear it, you'll want to text the studio at (845) 451-9778. The 10th 'texter' will be instantly qualified and picks up a Green Day CD from the back catalog.

Green Day is on tour in support of their new album Revolution Radio. Here are the dates, times and songs to listen for:

Green Day SongTimes to Qualify:
14-FebShe8, 11, 4
15-FebHoliday7, 1, 3
16-FebBang Bang9, 2, 6
17-FebKnow Your Enemy8, 11, 4
20-FebBasketcase7, 12, 5
21-FebStill Breathing8, 1, 3
22-FebLongview7, 11, 4
23-FebBoulevard of Broken Dreams9, 1, 6
24-FebWarning8, 2, 5
27-FebAmerican Idiot8, 11, 4
28-FebHitchin A Ride7, 12, 5
1-MarWelcome To Paradise9, 1, 4
2-MarBrainstew/Jaded8, 2, 6


*DISCLAIMER: You may hear these songs at other times/dates on the radio station. The song, date and time must match up for it to count. Good luck!