Check out the latest video of WRRV's Rants and Raves to see what everyone in the Hudson Valley is angry about. Take a look as we cover everything from mail people to frisky car rides.

The Hudson Valley is never short on some great rants. The internet seems to be the only place to vent and complain nowadays. Thankfully, we get to share them with you.

What did I learn?

Good mail people hard to come by.

Listen up mail persons! You had better be exactly in between the right time. People are counting on you damn it. Don't be a lazy government worker. It's just not cool.

Road jobs should be normal.

I've never heard anyone call it a "road job" before but for the purpose of keeping this blog clean, we'll call it that. Look, sometimes car rides are long and you just can't wait until you get home.

We're looking for a transformer.

If you have a yellow Camaro that looks like Bumblebee you may be able to earn some quick cash to help out with those car payments.

Check it out in the video below: