Have you ever wondered if your dog or cat can come down with a case of the winter flu? Yes, they can. Dogs are more social than most cats, but both are susceptible to germs and the same 'flu' that their owners can get.

What are the symptoms? Some of the symptoms mirror the same ones that you will notice on yourself when you start to feel under the weather: fever, sneezes, sleeping more and even coughing.

According to the Merck Animal Health Web site DogFlu.com, New York is in the midst of a rather large outbreak of dog flu. The website recommends vaccinations against canine and feline influenza, but the best advice for your dog or cat is to have the discussion with your veterinarian, before your little furry family members start to show the symptoms.

Has your pet ever come down with a case of this flu? What did you do to make them feel better? Did they want more attention or to just be left alone?

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