Believe it or not, this is not the first time that we have heard this story. Someone donates a couch to Goodwill, the thrift store or in this case Habitat For Humanity ReStore. Someone else takes said couch home, puts it in their man cave, and then a few days later investigates the hard lumpy spot in the cushion.

What does the hard lumpy spot consist of? In the case of one man who simply bought a used couch to put in his 'cave' turns out it was $43,000. After the initial freak out, the man contacted a lawyer who said that, legally the money belonged to him. It came with the couch.

After thinking about it, he decided to contact the original couch owner through Habitat For Humanity and he was able to give them back all their cash. Turns out the couch had belonged to a woman's grandfather, who didn't believe in banks, only in paying for everything in cash. He recently passed away and she had donated his furniture to the non-profit. She didn't know that the cash was stashed, but happy to get it back.

So the question to you is, if you don't think anyone knew you had it, would you keep it? According to the lawyer this guy contacted all was okay if he kept it, but the guy just couldn't live with himself.

This story sound familiar? It also happened in 2014 here in the Hudson Valley, click here for more info. 


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