This is probably the most passive aggressive thing I've ever seen. It's so brilliant that I had to share.

Do you have neighbors? If so, you probably hate them, right? It's okay, you can admit it. They're always borrowing your tools, keeping you up all night with loud parties or forgetting to mow their grass for the fifth week in a row.

According to, we have a real life "Hatfield & McCoy's" situation happening. Apparently the bad blood in the neighborhood started when one of the neighbors decided to paint their house pink.

The Feud was brought to the next level when it went viral recently. In retaliation for painting their house pink decided to mow "A Hole" with an arrow pointing to his neighbors yard.

I'm sure it was just so he could have a good laugh and maybe share to his buddies at the bar. Little did he know that Google Earth picked it up and now it's out there for everyone to see.