You'd think that on turkey day that we would enjoy our the roasted bird the most. However, most New Yorker's have another food on their minds and it may surprise you.

It's a tough question but out of all of the Thanksgiving day foods which is your favorite? Are you a turkey lover? Maybe you enjoy stuffing or some homemade rolls? We can't forget about the holiday classic, green bean casserole.

It turns out that most New Yorker's actually prefer desert over savory favorites.

The food choice again was surprising because I'm not sure if it is even considered a holiday food.

General Mills has released a map of each state's Thanksgiving favorite. New York's favorite dessert is strawberry, cheesecake. Really? Who has cheesecake for Thanksgiving? It just seems crazy.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

My theory is that people who are invited to a party and don't make anything run to the grocery store last minute and grab a cheesecake real quick.