I'm no cinematic master mind but I for one am absolutely shocked by this one.

For those of you who love movies what's better than associating a great movie with your home state. It's kind of like we associate Groundhog Day with Pennsylvania, Raising Arizona with Arizona of course and Fargo with Minnesota eh. Being from Detroit, our claim to fame was having RoboCop filmed in the Motor City.

But of all of the movies that were filmed in The Empire State, what is the best one? According to Thrillist.com, they compiled a list of great movies that takes place and was filmed in every state. They excluded any movies that include road trips so brief mentions do not count.

A panel of judges voted that the essential New York film is Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing. With a great story, a huge cast, and the way Lee captured so many raw rising tensions that showed the Brooklyn lifestyle makes this movie great and number one of the New York collection.

Do you agree wit this decision? It is a great movie and to be fair it is 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here are some honorable mentions: