Are you the best around and nothing is going to keep you down? We're looking for the person who has the worst or best karate moves in the Hudson Valley. If that person is you it could mean free karate lessons.

Cobra Kai is a new series on Youtube Red that is both a reboot and a sequel to the original 1984 film, The Karate Kid. The new show answered a lot of "what if" questions. We find out how someone's life can turn into a complete downward spiral after losing just one karate tournament. Things are not so good for Johnny, the antagonist from the first film where as life looks like it couldn't be better for the hero, Danny LaRusso.

If we want to dig deeper there are some experts that claim Daniel LaRusso's famous crane kick was was illegal and that he should have been disqualified. We'll leave that debate for another time.

Send us a quick video through the WRRV mobile app of your best or worst karate moves. If we think you need lessons or think you're so good you can go brush up on some new skills we'll hook you up with a $100 gift card worth of free lessons.

Good luck and please be safe.