If you're celebrating Christmas this year you most likely have a medium to large size tree in your home. If so, is it safe or is it a fire hazard with all of those lights, glass glass and plastic?

Though Christmas is a time to celebrate and be merry, The National Fire Protection Association reports that local fire departments respond to well over 200 house fires per year. According to research found in an article from USA TODAY, The NFPA has some helpful tips to prevent your tree from becoming a blaze.


If you have a real tree be sure to make sure it's fresh. Dried up needles can catch on fire easily. Be sure to give the tree plenty of water to prevent it from drying out.

Certain brands of lights and decorations are flame resistant. If you can, purchase those brands.

Don't use more than three strands of lights and inspect them make sure no wires are exposed. Always turn the lights off and unplug them when you are asleep or away from the house.

Don't ever place the tree in front of an exit and be sure that your smoke detectors are working properly this time of year.