Germania Poughkeepsie Maifest Info, Prost!
Germania of Poughkeepsie is legendary for their annual Oktoberfest celebration, but did you know that they have what might be considered a half-way to Oktoberfest celebration each year? It is called 'Maifest
Celebrate Oktoberfest!
Since it is, after all, Oktober, we had to offer an Oktoberfest as Beer of the Week at Half Time. And this one is one of the truest examples. Oktoberfest, as you are probably aware, is a massive celebration that started in Munich, Germany in 1810. Here’s the fun history: In 1810, Crown P…
Hate wearing pants? Move here!
Ever just get fed up having to wear pants in public? No? Well, then keep walking. But all of you who can’t wait to get home and take your clothes off have your new home: Munich, Germany. The capital of Bavaria is known for its Oktoberfest, its legendary soccer team Bayern Munich, and for bein…