Gun violence is a growing concern for many Americans. It is gut wrenching to see and read about innocent victims of gun crime but many citizens do not think that should allow their rights to defend themselves with a gun to be infringed.

According to statistics from the NYPD, New York City's overall crime index increase by over 30% in June compared to a year ago.

What kind of gun can you own legally and at what age can you buy it? These are the questions that have come up for debate after a string of tragic mass shootings.

According to CNN, The House recently voted to pass a bill that would ban many semi-automatic weapons and it will now be sent to the Senate. The bill is reportedly part of a larger safety package. It is not projected to move forward as it just narrowly passed with 217 votes.

Almost all Republicans voted against the bill except one. This district contains the suburbs of Buffalo and Rochester. A region that is not far from the site of horrific mass shooting that took place at a grocery store.

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