New York State will be seeing an $11 million expansion of electric vehicle charging stations specifically aimed at increasing coverage in disadvantaged communities. The goal is to build out infrastructure in areas where access to these EV stations is limited.

Municipalities have until February 18 2021 to apply through Charge NY. The initiative is part of a $127 million settlement with Volkswagen who was found to be cheating emissions rules in some of their vehicles. Program requirements call for at least 25% of the new stations to be with one mile of a disadvantaged community.

Governor Cuomo's stated goal is to reduce greenhouse grasses in New York State by 85% by 2050. There's hope that there will be 10,000 charging stations in New York by the end of 2021 to serve the more than 65,000 electric vehicles sold in the state since the year 2010.

According to Governor Cuomo, 'New York continues to serve as a national model for reducing greenhouse emissions. As part of our efforts, we must ensure all New Yorkers, no matter where they live or their economic status, have access to the infrastructure required for using electric vehicles'.

Funds are available for two rounds of construction of electric vehicle charging stations and if any funding is left over there will be a third round of opportunities. Could you see yourself investing in an electric vehicle over the next few years as prices continue to come down?

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