Kids are always glued to their phones nowadays. What exactly are they doing online? There are secret messaging apps that all parents should be aware of.

It's got to be hard being a parent in 2019. We were always told to not talk to strangers. Does that rule apply online or only in person. Not too long ago when I was in school e were all made aware of the dangers of talking to people we didn't know on AOL instant messenger. Now there are so many more ways for young kids to not only talk to complete strangers but send them videos and pictures as well.

Almost every child has a smart phone or some sort of smart device. Here are a few apps you should be cautious of.

  1. MEETME - A location based dating app where users are supposedly encouraged to meet in person.
  2. SKOUT - This is another location based dating site where kids under the age of 17 cannot share pictures and private it's rumored that the security feature is easily bypassed by changing the age on your account.
  3. WHATSAPP - This is a popular messaging app where you can connect with people worldwide. All you need is an internet connection. These calls don't require cell phone service.
  4. TIKTOK - This app allows users to perform video karaoke with strangers. There are very few privacy controls and some users have admitted to being cyber bullied. 
  5. SNAPCHAT - A messaging app where texts, photos and videos are sent and automatically erased shortly after viewing them.
  6. KIK - A private  messaging app popular among young children.
  7. LIVE.ME - This is a video messaging app that allows users to pay for photos and videos.
  8. HOLLA - Supposedly this app connects its users to complete strangers in just seconds. It is known for having explicit content.
  9. WHISPER - Whisper is an app that allows user to share secrets with strangers.
  10. ASK.FM - This app lets users ask questions to complete strangers.
  11. CALCULATOR% - This app icon looks like a normal calculator but it is actually used to hide photos and videos.
  12. HOT OR NOT - An app where the user uploads a photo and other users rate how attractive the photo is.

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