More than 150 snakes--some venomous--were found in a Newburgh home after the owner of said snakes was bitten by one.

According to News 12 Westchester, the owner of the 157 snakes was bitten by a venomous "Asian Pit Viper" and received 5 doses of anti-venom at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx before being released on Monday - Jacobi staff alerted police of the bite and the snakes.

A search warrant allowed Department of Environmental Conservation Police Officers and members of the Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigation into the home on Maple Street in Newburgh, where they found the snakes living in the basement. According to ABC7NY

157 snakes were then found in the basement of his home. The man did not have a license to possess any of the snakes, authorities said.  Venomous snakes are illegal to possess in the state of New York without a license, and are only licensed for educational or exhibition purposes.

>Where are the snakes now?  In quarantine at the Bronx Zoo after a team of experts assisted in removing them from the home.  Further action has not yet been determined.