Two people hiking in a group of 100 in the Hudson Valley got lost and ended up stranded on an island in the middle of a river.

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On Aug. 6 at 8:20 p.m., the Rock Hill Fire Department requested DEC assistance to search for two hikers in the Neversink Unique Area, the DEC announced on Tuesday.

A group of approximately 100 people staying at Camp Morris in Woodridge hiked into the area and at approximately 4:45 p.m., two of the individuals went swimming at Denton Falls.

One of the members of the group watched as the current swept the swimmers down the river. At 8:05 p.m., the two hikers were reported missing.

Rock Hill Fire Department searched along the trails and located two sets of clothing along the riverbank near the falls. New York State Police Aviation flew over the river with negative results. State Police also searched the ground and the Town of Fallsburg Police K-9 tracked the clothing to the water.

Forest Ranger Franke dispatched four search crews to search the riverbanks and the blue trail that runs parallel to the river. At the same time, New York State Police monitored the Neversink River from the Oakland Valley Bridge and the Forestburgh Fire Department monitored the river from Eden Road.

Around 12:15 a.m., Forest Ranger Stratton located the two hikers on an island in the middle of the river, south of Denton Falls.

Forest Rangers Stratton, Cowart and Rusher along with two Rock Hill Fire Department members then performed a wedge formation, a swiftwater technique, to cross the Neverink River and rescue the stranded hikers.

No injuries were reported.

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