This last week, we celebrated the 23rd anniversary of the 'birth' of WRRV. As music has changed, along with the definition of alternative in that time period, it was decidedly a time to look back on a few bands that were a part of WRRV's early days.

Here is one band, that was big for us during the 90's, Big Head Todd & The Monsters. With the release of their 1993 album, Sister Sweetly, and the singles from that album 'Bittersweet" and "Circle" they were on our radar for some time.

The Colorado based band has continued to record new music, heading into the studio every couple of years to record new music, along with maintaining touring. Do they sell out arenas every year? Ok, maybe not. But they are did have a pretty sweet tour in 2017 where they teamed  up with Mathew Sweet and Soul Assylum. (Our inner 90's kid just swooned).

This summer they have a few shows scheduled, all in the mid-west. Could we get them to come to New York? Maybe even for WRRV Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Co?

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