I talk a lot about 90s music history weekdays during my 90s show, and though I was definitely jamming out to Alanis, Green Day and DMB during those days with the rest of you, I must admit I was, and to this day, still am, a big huge boyband fan...

New Kids on the Block have been 'that group' for me since I was old enough to understand what music was all about, but the early 90s was when my true obsession grew.  I've been to quite a few NKOTB concerts and tour variations, always decked out in my 90s gear, true fans show their commitment in fan merch, right?

So, boyband fans know they have to identify their favorite guy, right?  Joey McIntyre has been mine, literally, since I was 7 or 8 years old.  I've been to a few of his solo shows, even flying out to Vegas to see him do an 'intimate gathering' at the Palms in Vegas a few years back.  When he announced his run in the broadway show 'Waitress' for a limited time, I knew I needed to go.

My sister and a few friends got our tickets, and yesterday was the big day, conveniently Pi Day, which is relevant because of the premise of the show.  I dug deep into my NKOTB merch vault and brought along some vintage trading cards, just in case I was able to get a signature after the show, as the rumor was he sticks around to meet up with fans.

Overall, it was an incredible performance, the cast was super talented, and Joey was great in his role.  After the curtain closed we exited the theater to find a large crowd of 'my people' - 30-something aged women, gathered outside the stage door.  I freaked out for a few minutes at the thought of really meeting my favorite 'new kid' - I continued freaking out when the door opened and he actually walked out.

We got signatures on those vintage cards, he took a selfie with us, and my 90s boy band obsessed heart skipped multiple beats (to the point where my sister asked if I needed smelling salts).  The best part, he walked up and down the line making sure everyone had their chance to get an autograph and/or a photo, what a guy!

Here's a few shots from the night, one that i'll cherish forever.  Is it appropriate to blow up this selfie to a 20x30 for my living room?  Now my 90s are DEFINITELY showing :)

photo:V.Turco - Joey McIntyre, my sister, my friend Hanna, and #boybandval in all her glory
photo: V.Turco - getting those signatures
photo: V.Turco - complete and total adult meltdown, while my sister checked to see Joey's selfie skills
photo: V.Turco - Joey's run in Waitress runs through April 7th!

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