2020 kind of sucks, but there's still plenty of new music to look forward to.

Pretty much every concert for 2020 has been canceled. I'm sure you're a victim of it, and I know I am. I had tickets to see Rage Against the Machine with Run the Jewels in August at Madison Square Garden. I also had tickets to see KALEO in September in Boston. Plus I was looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga tour in August for her album that dropped in June. But now that I don't have those concerts to look forward to, I have plenty of new music to look forward to.

Run the Jewels was supposed to drop RTJ4 in September so I would like to give that an honorable mention because they dropped it early by surprise in June. Lady Gaga's Chromatica was also the dance album I never knew I needed. So those two get an honorable mention. Now, here's a list of three albums I cannot wait for.

3 Albums Taylor Can't Wait For

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