Maybe its because the Ren Faire is going on, or maybe because I want to try something new, I looked into the places here in the Hudson Valley where you can try mead. For this instance, I was looking for a place that made mead as well. Yes, there are some great places to purchase (great businesses, restaurants and wine shops) but this will focus on meaderys. Also, keep in mind that places doing just usually 'give away' samples, you should expect to pay for a tasting or for individual selections.

  • Brotherhood Winery, in Washingtonville. This place is probably the oldest place producing mead in New York that is making mead. It is also one that you can try at the winery and usually at the Ren Faire in Tuxedo.
  • Slate Point Meadery, Main St in Poughkeepsie. When these folks first started it was under the nomenclature of Salt Point Meadery.  Only open on the weekends, but they have 10 - 12 different ones to try, including a barrel aged mead.
  • Palaia Winery and Meadery, Highland Mills, They are only open Fri, Sat, and Sun, but the Peach Mead is a must try. The vibe here is just super relaxed and welcoming.
  • Forthright Cyder & Mead, 4052 State Route 52, Youngsville, NY 12791. There is only one mead listed on their tasting room/tap room list, right now, but it looks amazing, along with their list of cyser's. Yep, ask them why they call them cysers and not ciders. Check their website for up-to-date tasting times and their farmers market locations.
  • Helderberg Meadery, Esperance, NY. You are probably thinking "Hudson Valley?" Its Scholarie County, so its a fairly close drive to the Hudson Valley, but they have great meads, with great stories to go with them. In addition to being known for their hand crafted meads, they also use ceramic bottles with cool seals, giving them a rich old school vibe. So if you are Scholarie County, check them out.

Are there any other places, meadery's, in the Hudson Valley that we can add to our list? What is your favorite mead?

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