Have you ever thought about making mead on a professional level? Do you just happen to have an apiary in your backyard and want to be able to do something else with the honey?

New York State is the number one producer of honey in the northeast and this week Governor Cuomo made it a bit easier by announcing the details of a new New York meadery license. The license will cost you $75 and will allow you to produce and sell mead made from New York honey.

Here is more info from the Governor's press release:

The farm meadery license will authorize the establishment and licensure of farm meaderies for the manufacture and sale of mead made from New York State produced honey. The provision also allows farm meaderies to produce "braggot," a malt beverage made from honey, in addition to malt, hops, fruits, spices, herbs and other agricultural products. In order to obtain a farm meadery license, the mead or braggot must be made exclusively from honey produced in New York State and no more than 250,000 gallons may be produced annually. Farm meaderies will be allowed to sell by the glass, offer tastings of, and sell to go not only mead and braggot, but also any New York State farm produced beer, wine, cider and spirits.


Do you drink mead? Which New York Mead is your favorite?