Look at that good-lookin' group of folks hanging out and enjoying a beer at last year's Hudson River Craft Beer Fest. That could be you!

All right, looking like Simon, Schwenker, and myself isn't motivation enough? Fine. We've got some pretty crazy beer too.

You've heard of Kopi Luwak coffee. "I have?" you're thinking. Yup. It's that coffee made from beans that little weasels in Southeast Asia poop out and it costs a billion dollars a cup (or close to it, anyway).

How about making an imperial stout out of it? Mikkeller, the renowned gypsy brewer, has done just that and it's become a rare, delicious sensation in the brewing world. Well, Ben English of Remarkable Liquids stopped by with some to try, along with some other great beverages to be found at the Hudson River Craft Beer Fest, like an absolutely incredible mead from B. Nektar.

Check it out as we sample some weasel poo coffee bean beer and find out what unique, new, rare, and exciting beverages you can try at the Hudson River Craft Beer Fest (and be sure to snag tickets here!).