If you haven't hopped on the mead wagon here's your chance and you can support a local business at the same time.

If you're not exactly sure what mead is it's best described as a honey wine, and it is absolutely delicious. Many experts believe that it was one of the first alcoholic beverages. Salt Point Meadery makes different flavors of mead right here in the Hudson Valley.

This Saturday, Salt Point Meadery will be hosting an event to celebrate their newest addition to the mead family.

"Our summer mead Sweet Spot — a lemonade style draft mead at 7% ABV — will be available to taste and take home on June 30th. Perfect for your July 4th Festivities, vacation, BBQs, the beach, or just for a relaxing summer day! Sweet Spot is in a 500ml (16.9oz) CAN and very drinkable, light and refreshing as a session mead. This limited seasonal batch is at $8/can."

You can stop by the meadery at noon and check out their new canned mead product. Stay thirsty everyone.

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