Do you like to take care of the neighborhood strays? Through out the year, I chat with people who often tell me that they have 'adopted an outdoor cat' by caring for them. By caring for them, it pretty much involves leaving food and water out for them. The cats, will often end up showing up just moments before or just slightly after the food gets put out.

While that works for better weather, are there things that should be done for the cats in the colder, winter weather? I will leave the 'whole trap them and take them to the shelter' conversation for another time. Here are a few things that the Humane Society of the United States recommends for outdoor cats in the winter months:

  • Cats will often require more food during the winter. Remember that wet cat food can actually freeze.
  • With the water, yes, cats need access to it, but again, freezing could potentially be an issue. Is it possible for you to use a dish that is heated or one that is a constantly moving flow?
  • Do you have a shelter for the cat? While some might not use it, it is good to have one just in case. Shelters can be something as simple as an old styrofoam cooler, or even something made from wood. The only recommended product that you should put in the 'shelter' is straw. Hay, and fabric items can freeze, which is not good for the kitties.

While these are pretty rudimentary things to keep in mind, one of the people I chatted with at the shelter also gave me this really good piece of advice. Since cats will take advantage of warm spots, you might want to take a quick look under your car, as well as under the hood of your car, since it can get snuggly warm for something small and furry.

The Catskill Cats are Back for 2021

Many Hudson Valley towns do various outdoor art displays throughout the Summer. Catskill is known for it's Cats. These one of a kind creations are the work of local artist who wish to share their themed cats with the people visiting Catskill and Leeds. At the end of the season their is an auction with a gala where the Cats are auctioned off. Heart of Catskill is behind this great display that adds another reason to visit, shop and dine in the community.

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