If you listened to The Morning Grind today, you probably heard Nick and Taylor talking about Taylor's toes.

You may not know this, but I have the strongest toes this side of the Mississippi (not true). But seriously, I have some pretty strong toes. Why do you ask? Honestly, it's probably just genetics. But I actually danced competitively for 16 years, so I attribute a lot of the strength and dexterity to that.

On The Morning Grind, Nick had the privilege of seeing what stuff I was able to pick up with my toes. Sadly, I can no longer pick up a quarter with my toes. I promise I used to be able to do this! I put Nick in total shock when he realized what I CAN pick up with my toes though.

Here's a list of what I can pick up with my toes, try not to throw up thinking about it.

1. Pen/pencil

This is super easy because it's just a skinny long object but has enough to grab around

2. TV Remote

The first time I did this in front of my boyfriend I thought he was so disturbed he would break up with me (kidding). But he is less than pleased every time I do it

3. Flash Drive

Nick threw this challenge my way on The Morning Grind today. With no surprise, I was able to pick up the flash drive with my toes

4. Keys

I want to specify that it must be keys on a key ring and not a flat key, because otherwise it'll be like the quarter and I'm too rusty for that.

5. Cellphone

My toes have touched my cellphone more times than I am proud to admit. But here I am, admitting it to the internet.

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