The summer break or vacation is about to start for kids throughout the Hudson Valley and with it comes long days of "What do I do? I'm bored" So, if you could give your younger self advice as to what to do this summer, what would it be? We took a poll around the office and this is the top responses of what adults wish they could do during a summer vacation from school (if they had one):

  • Sleep. The overwhelming response to our, what to do, question was sleep. Adults say that they never get sleep and if they were able to sleep more during their youth summer break, the totally would have done it.
  • Go outside. Whether it is walking, hiking, biking, etc, there was a wish with 80% of respondents to get outside and enjoy 'fresh air' more.
  • Read a book. As an adult, there never seems to be enough time to read a book, just because you want too.
  • Eat what ever you want, with an emphasis on ice cream, pizza and all items that are tasty and delicious that for some reason you just can eat after you turn the age of 30 or so.
  • Take a road trip. Ok, this isn't exactly something that you can do by yourself, you will need to get the parents or family involved, but 75% of adults who responded to our unofficial poll, said that they wish they had been able to see more when they were younger, because work has them tied to their desks now as adults, leaving few opportunities to 'get out and see the US.'

Do you have suggestions for what 'kids' should do during their summer vacation?


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