Hudson Valley winters are never predictable and it seems like you will have two of the exact winters in a row. Here are a few things that you should keep in your car during our coldest times of the year.

  • Your cellphone and a charger/charging cable. Make sure every trip that you take, your cellphone is with you, so if you get stuck you can quickly call for help. Having the charging cable with you means that you will always be able to have it ready to go when you need it.
  • Jumper Cables. You might not need them, but someone else might. Plus you should pop your hood (or your trunk) and know where your car battery is located along with its positive and negative terminals.
  • Blankets and an extra change of clothes. If you are in a spot where you need to be in the car for a bit of time and have to keep the engine off a blanket will help to keep you warm and the extra change of clothes, you can either add layers to help keep you warm or you will have clothes that are dry to keep you warm.
  • Flash light and extra batteries. These will help you more than you can think. You will want to check the batteries every winter to make sure that they are still good.
  • Non-perishable snacks and water (even though it might freeze). Always good to have these, just in case you are stuck some where while you are waiting.
  • Extra items to think about a shovel and kitty litter. The shovel can help get you unstuck and the kitty litter can help you with traction should you need it.

Are there any other items that you think should be in your car during the winter? Let us know by adding the info in the comment section below.

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