This eye opening list might really surprise you. Which city is the most dangerous? It's unbelievably a 3 way tie.

COVID-19 may not be going anywhere but people may be starting to come back to New York State after a large exodus. As of last quarter, New York seemed to still be struggling with getting residents to move back. The trend can't last forever. People will be heading back to the Empire State eventually and when they do they will want to pick safe cities to live in.

What about current residents? Do you know which cities are the safest?

New York may seem like a relatively safe place. For the most part it is but certain cities have a poor scoring crime index. Do you think you could judge a city by its reputation? I thought I could but this list really surprised me.

Have you experienced an uneasy feeling while in these cities at night? There's a good reason why. Here is a list of 9 cities in Upstate New York ranked from least to most dangerous according to Neighborhood Scout. They were put in order by their crime index. A score of 100 means the city would be completely safe. They were also ranked by their crime rate as well.

Check out the list below. Keep scrolling for some of the most deadly streets in the Hudson Valley. The most dangerous cites may shock you.

Hudson Valley Cities & Towns Ranked From Least to Most Dangerous

Here some of the most dangerous streets in the Hudson Valley region.

13 Most Violent Streets in Middletown, New York

7 Most Violent Streets in Kingston, New York

Violent Streets in Kingston, New York

The 13 Most Violent Streets in Poughkeepsie, New York