It was another nostalgic week during the 90s at Noon, lots of great music, popular collectables from the decade, and even a major 90s NY sports milestone that celebrated a 25th anniversary! In case you missed out, here's a recap of some of our top 90s stories from this week during the 90s at Noon!

  • We reminisced about 'Squeezeit - remember those bright colored drinks in the plastic bottles with the twist off top that came in flavors like Chucklin Cherry and Grumpy Grape?
  • We chatted Beanie Babies, and the fact that those suckers are worth some serious money these days, especially if you happen to have one that has a misspelling on the tag - cha ching!
  • I confessed my love for the show Supermarket Sweep, even though it was on TV as early as the 1960s, I feel like the real height of the show was during the David Ruprecht days of the 90s.
  • Finally, last Friday, 2/8, New York Rangers fans were able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1994 Stanley Cup Championship (a bit early, the real anniversary is in June).  It was a HUGE milestone of the 90s for me personally, and still one of my favorite childhood memories growing up in a hockey obsessed family, as you may have heard when I talked about it on the air this week during the show.  If you missed out on the celebrations, check out the coverage here.  I can't believe i'm posting this photo, but here's the gang celebrating the win back in 94' - you'll have to guess which one I am :) (and yes, we made our own Stanley Cup)

We'll do it all again next week during the 90s at Noon - weekdays at 12!