All those feels when they remake one of your favorite TV shows, and with a killer new host.

When I think about my childhood I remember so many things - great times with my family and friends...going to concerts, vacations, sporting events, but some of the best memories are when we would all sit around the house...and watch Supermarket Sweep on TV - who's with me?

Now, my memories are from the 1990's version of Supermarket Sweep, with host David Ruperecht (who hosted the travel version of the Price is Right live show I went to in Vegas a bunch of years ago, we totally freaked out when he came on stage).  Contestants wearing ridiculous '90's style clothing with their team colored sweatshirts and name tags, running around grabbing giant pieces of meat and stocking their carts with diapers.

I swear to you, my sister and I used to attempt our own version of the game when we went grocery shopping with our parents - that's when they started leaving us home.  Now I try to play the opposite game, how much can I NOT spend every time I walk through the grocery store doors (adulting, am I right?).

Anyway, fast forward to 2019 and the big announcement is made that the incredible Leslie Jones will not only be the host, but will take on the executive producer position for the upcoming reboot of the show.

I can't wait to see what she will bring to one of the best TV shows (in my opinion anyway), and how she'll incorporate her humor into her hosting duties.

Shoppers - to your carts!