If you've ever hosted or planned an event and wanted to chic up your drink service from bottles of wine sitting on a table or a keg in the corner, well this might change the game for you.  Imagine a luxury mobile bar rolling up to your party or gathering and taking your drink (both alcoholic and not) game up a notch.

Did Someone Say Mobile Bar?

The Bubbly Pony Mobile Bar is a custom 1993 renovated vintage horse trailer that was turned into something luxury and upscale sprinkled with a dose of 'Chic Boho flair' - this according to the owner and founder Alexis Speckman.  Alexis had a vision for about five years of rebuilding a horse trailer and turning it into a mobile bar.

I thought to myself, there is a need for bartending services for events that are not at a restaurant or bar. Finally, in 2020 I started my search and found the perfect vintage horse trailer! My vision was starting to come to life.

Alexis Speckman, The Bubbly Pony
Alexis Speckman, The Bubbly Pony

How Does The Bubbly Pony Work?

A full-service bartending and rental service company, The Bubbly Pony is able to bring their mobile service to you and your event.  Owner Alexis is TIPS certified, which is an alcohol and server training program for responsible and safe alcohol consumption. The Bubbly Pony can work with your contracted caterer or venue to serve not only cocktails but non-alcoholic options like sparkling water, cocktails, and lemonade as well, so they can be utilized for any range of events like weddings, BBQs, and even children's events.  They can also decorate the trailer to meet the needs of your specific event by adding flowers, balloons, or whatever will match your event theme.  The bar has been described as serving as the 'backdrop for unforgettable memories and social-media worth shots.'

We have been in business since January 2022 and we have received such a warm reception. It has exceeded my expectations. When I launched the trailer this year, I was not expecting to get so much business so quickly, it was insane. So many people have reached out.  

 Let's take a look at The Bubbly Pony and see what this traveling luxury bar is all about.

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