Walmart announced this week that its store on Main Street in White Plains will be shutting down next month.

On August 10th, the downtown location will close its doors forever, affecting nearly 400 jobs in the process. Walmart Director of Communications Philip Keene says the employees impacted will receive pay through Oct. 26, and the majority of them will be transferred to another location. Those that aren't transferred will be eligible for severance pay.

Keene said that the decision to close the White Plains store was "not an easy one," and that the move is based on factors that include financial performance and strategic alignment with long-term plans. The store will hold several clearance sales between now and the 10th, and perishable items might be donated to hunger relief organizations in the Hudson Valley.

Will this sudden shutdown of the local Walmart have an impact on your shopping? Let us know if you've got an alternative place in mind where you can go.